The Candidate

What does it even mean to be "with" Tay?

Our second “Agent of Change” is Tay Anderson, the 19-year-old running for election to the Denver Public School Board. What does his Trump Era candidacy mean for us and for our schools?

Further reading:

You can read all about Tay’s platform on his website:

And here’s a recent piece Melanie Asmar wrote about the District 4 race: Inside the three-candidate battle for northeast Denver’s school board seat

Our theme song is “Minnow” by Felix Fast4ward.

Also heard in this episode: “When I See You” and “If You Got the Blues” by Dragondeer; “Love Isn’t Enough” by Pink Hawks; and “Just Look at My Habits,” “This is the Girl,” and “Cobraskin Wallet” by Man Mantis. Huge thanks to all three for the use of their music.

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