The Mayor of City Park

Robert Burns stands tall in City Park, just west of the pavilion.

On Changing Denver this month, we bring you the story of our city’s 15th mayor, Richard Sopris. From humble beginnings, he rose through the social and political ranks of early Denver and eventually helped our young city overcome some of its first major challenges. He also signed the order creating City Park, giving Denver its largest green space and securing his legacy for generations.

Our guide this month is Linda Bjorklund, the author of Richard Sopris in Early Denver: Captain, Mayor & Colorado Fifty-Niner.

Our theme song is “Minnow” by Felix Fast4ward.

The other music you heard in this episode was performed by Randy Arent. For the past five years, he has performed at the charity 5K run through City Park on St. Patrick’s day. He is available for bookings through his website

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AKA Duck Lake

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