What gets to be art on the Cherry Creek Trail?

The street artist iroquois makes a statement about the urban camping ban. Find more of their work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iroquois_/.

Welcome to SEASON 2 of Changing Denver!

On this premier episode, we pose a simple question: what gets to be art on the Cherry Creek Trail? Our search for an answer takes us into the archives of defunct Instagram accounts, the shadows of mixed-use developments, and up and down the Cherry Creek Trail more times than we can count.

Adam Lichty’s Denver Street Heart project is still online at Instagram.

Here’s a link to the Westword article about him that we mention in the episode.

You can listen to (and purchase) Olivia Blu’s album The Rebirth Bug on her Bandcamp page, and you can find out about her upcoming live performances on Facebook.

Our theme song is “Minnow” by Felix Fast4ward.

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