CDBBB: Return to Stoner Hill

Andy Kenney interviews Riverfront Park Association residents (left) and members of the Stoner Hill community (right).

In this installment of Changing Denver Bit By Bit, we revisit an episode from season one, How to Climb Stoner Hill. Our partner on that show, local journalist Andy Kenney, gives us an update on what’s been happening on the ground at Stoner Hill. Then, we talk to some people at Civitas, the landscape architecture and urban design firm that’s been contracted to work on the park now.

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Here are a few stories that Andy’s written about the situation in Commons Park since our episode came out:

Denver police have been banning alleged drug users — mostly pot — from individual parks — mostly Commons Park

Denver will try to liven up Commons Park with free activities

Commons Park’s future might start with an “unorthodox” private process

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